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A New King for The Netherlands

Because I grew up with pictures of the Dutch royal family on our kitchen calendars, I have always felt a special affinity to dimpled Queen Beatrix and her boys, only slightly younger than me.

While proud to be Canadian, my parents did not ignore their Dutch background.  No touristy trappings for us, though, but rather language lessons in the summer, letter-writing to our Dutch relatives, and many Dutch books.  And, of course, those royalty calendars, and a deep and abiding fascination with all things orange, a celebration of the royal Dutch House of Orange.  And stories, many stories.

Yesterday another story happened.

When his mother Queen Beatrix abdicated, Willem-Alexander became the first Dutch king in over 100 years and his beautiful and popular wife Maxima became queen.

May God bless this young royal family and the country they represent.

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  1. JoAnn says:

    How interesting. 🙂

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