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Summer Survival Guide on Sale this Weekend

School is officially over at our house!  Yes, it is!  This major event happened yesterday before supper.  Miss 10 generously took over Mr. 18’s cooking turn and cooked her first solo supper while Mr. 18 and I discussed the poetry of Walt Whitman and T. S. Eliot.

So, here we are.  On holidays.  Now that we are really celebrating summer, I want to reread Jessica Fisher’s Summer Survival Guide.   I first read and reviewed it two years ago and loved it for its great ideas, wisdom, and inspiration.  This year, again, the Summer Survival Guide will be just what I need to ensure our summer is mostly low-key, fun, and relaxing—except for our trip half-way across the continent to visit relatives, which will be great fun but neither low-key nor relaxing.

Jessica is a homeschooling mom of six who also finds time to blog and write books.  She’s a busy lady, but she’s organized enough to make it all happen and to keep her priorities straight.  Here is Jessica’s dream that eventually led to the Summer Survival Guide:

“Years ago when my three oldest were just little guys, I realized that I wanted to mark the passing of summer in some really fun ways.  Since we had chosen to homeschool, the line between life and learning has been very faint.  But, I wanted them to make special summer memories that made that season stand out compared to the rest of the year.” 

 “With a little pre-planning,” she writes, “you can develop routines, maintain your sanity, enrich your children’s days, and enjoy quality time as a family.” 

If this sounds like something for you, be sure to buy the Summer Survival Guide this weekend for $5 rather than the usual $9.  If you’re not sure yet, check out the review I wrote two years ago.

Disclosure:  I am not compensated in any way for telling you about this sale; I just love to pass on good deals.

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