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Happy Birthday, Emily Carr

One of my favorite Canadian artists, Emily Carr, would have been 142 today, and there are some celebrations:

The Vancouver Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition of 40 of her exhilarating forest paintings this winter.  I won’t be able to see it, but maybe some of you will.  Instead, I can take a virtual field trip and enjoy many of her paintings at the gallery’s Emily Carr website.  I don’t like her totem pole pictures, but the forest scenes, many of which were done later in her life, are amazing.

Today Google.ca has this doodle in Emily Carr’s forest style.  Isn’t it stunning?

emily-carrs-142nd-birthday google

If your family wants to study Canadian art, Emily Carr is a wonderful artist to begin with, partly because she also wrote extensively and much is known about her life.  It’s been decades since I read Klee Wyck, a book of stories about her experiences in First Nations villages which won the Governor General’s Award for Literature in 1941, so I cannot recall if that book is suitable for children.  I do recall that I found it intriguing and unusual.

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