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Week 1 Wrap Up

Studying Density with Apologia's General Science:  oil, water, syrup with cork, ice, a wild grape, and a rock.

Studying Density with Apologia’s General Science: oil, water, and syrup, with cork, ice, a wild grape, and a rock.

This was our first week of school, and quite a lot happened:

–bookwork, from math to history to science.

–experiments, like the above one from Apologia’s General Science.

–online work in the form of MathScore.

–reading books like Crazy Horse, Augustine’s On Christian Doctrine, and Paradise Lost as well as lighter fare by Enid Blyton and Josephine Tey.

–a long, long nature walk in the woods.

–games including cribbage, chess, and Rummikub.

–movies like The Game Stands Tall (highly recommended), the Monuments Men (worthwhile), and Lord of the Rings (which I would never be able to watch but the rest of the family loves).

–volunteering at a small Christian school (Miss 16) and at therapeutic riding (Miss 14 and Miss 12).

— attending a rally in support of Iraqi Christians;  this speech by MP Pierre Poilievre is well worth listening to.

–harvesting several bushels of peppers, the first of our melons, and all the basil as well as daily fare such as raspberries and salads.

This year's pepper harvest.  Some of them even turned red!

This year’s pepper harvest. Some of them even turned red!

–excellent food, from all sorts of vegetables to a snacky Saturday of grazing on gluten-free goodies:  lembas, butter tarts, pumpkin pie (first of the season), and pear pie…with whipping cream, of course, all courtesy of Miss 16.

–too much heavy lifting for me (peppers and melons do get heavy) which resulted in 24 hours of couch time.  I read two light books, so it was bearable, but I did have to give up my plans for a day.  Our home is not as neat as I want it to be on Saturday evening, and all those peppers are still waiting to be processed (except for the ones we stuffed, added to soup, put into coleslaw, and ate raw).

So that was part of our week.  Lots of activity, lots of learning, lots of living with all its ups and downs.

Even though I have changed the format of my weekly wrap up, I still want to record all my reading, so here goes:

I am reading Colossians for my personal quiet time, after meals we are still in Mark, and when my husband is home we read Isaiah.   I finished Mendeleyev’s Dream, Theodore Roosevelt, and The Fat Chance Cookbook (the latter two were today’s couch reading–cookbooks are fun to read when you’re exhausted); am reading On Christian Doctrine, Pascal’s Pensees, The Stories We Tell, A Man Called Intrepid, 52 Weeks of Family French, and The Meaning of Marriage; and have given up on A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which I enjoyed decades ago but cannot seem to get into now.

I hope you had a good week, too, and wish you a blessed Sunday.

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  1. JoAnn says:

    I’m sorry you had to rest like that, but it sounds like you got a lot of other things done. That is sure a lot of produce from the garden. 🙂

  2. Hey Annie Kate this is good post to consider linking to Finishing Strong Homeschooling Middle & High School. 🙂 http://aspiredliving.net/2014/10/01/finishing-strong-13/

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