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Review: NKJV Study Bible, Full Color Edition

NKJV study Bible

A Bible is, well, a Bible, right?  Even though there may be differences in translation, these rarely have a significant effect on how we understand it.

However, when it comes to study Bibles, there are major differences that can seriously impact our understanding of God’s Word.

The New King James Version Study Bible, Full Color Edition, is the latest one I’ve seen, and its color makes it different from all the rest.  The vibrant maps, photographs, tables, and more are a great help to understanding the Bible, its culture, and its times.

In other respects, the NKJV Study Bible, Full Color Edition is similar to most study Bibles, with many standard Bible study aids such as cross-references, word studies, book introductions (including outlines and timelines), notes and articles, and a concordance.

However, the contents of some of this material suggests more modern thought than, for example, the NKJV Reformation Study Bible does.  This approach to debated Bible passages could be a problem for Christians who hold to traditional interpretations of the Bible, but would appeal to others.

There are also the physical aspects:

  • The NKJV Study Bible, Full Color Edition is physically heavy, perhaps too heavy for a frail person to carry around to church and Bible Study, although most healthy people will not find that an issue. But then, most study Bibles are heavy.
  • This study Bible has reasonably sized font, both for the text of the Bible itself and for the study material, and is easy to read. This is an important consideration for the very young, those above middle age, and those with vision problems.

Would the NKJV Study Bible, Full Color Edition, be a good investment for you?  Its colorful maps, photographs, and more are very appealing, and it is full of quality study material.  On the other hand, traditional Christians might prefer different emphases in the discussions of a few controversial points.

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Disclosure: I received this book from Booklook Bloggers in order to review it.  I have expressed my own honest opinions.


  1. Jenn says:

    Wow, color would make it more appealing, especially if you are a visual learner. I like the NKJV. We used it for memorizing in AWANA for many years until they offered ESV a couple years ago. To me, they were very similar.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, the NKJV translation itself is good. Our church is just switching to ESV from NIV, and but most of my memorizing through the years has been in RSV…. All these different translations are both a blessing and a difficulty.

      As for this study Bible, the color is a wonderful aspect!

  2. Jedidja says:

    I got for my birthday had a BibleStudy. Not for the church. In the Netherlands we have the revised translation of a very old ‘States Translation’. There are maps in the Studybible, drawings of the temple etc. I love very much my old Bible in the old translation. But God gives me so much light and joy now I really study my new Bible …


    My bible is

  3. I love maps, charts, and photos! They add so much to Bible study! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! Merry Christmas!

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