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Review: Phonics for Parents by Leslie Perry

When Phonics for Parents showed up in the mail, I was instantly captivated. How much it would have helped me when I was trying to teach my children to read! I relearned phonics alongside them, using the teacher’s guides of our reading program, but that is a very inefficient way to do things. With this little book under my belt I could have taught on the fly, using just the right moments throughout the day. We could have focused more on reading, and I would have been more relaxed and confident….

Dr. Leslie Ann Perry, retired professor of education, former elementary teacher, and author of many books and articles, understands phonics, children, and education.  Phonics for Parents, a gold nugget for all teachers of reading, is the product of years of experience….

If you are teaching little ones to read, do click over to the Curriculum Choice to read my entire review.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of Phonics for Parents from Leslie Perry when I agreed to review one of her other books.  I am not compensated for recommending it and have given you my own honest opinions.

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