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Online Homeschool Conference: The Fitting-It-All-In Summit

If it is at all possible, do attend your local homeschool conference.  Last week I listed 8+1 benefits and 8 tips for attending your homeschool conference.  It is a golden opportunity to learn, be encouraged, and check out resources.

Sadly, however, sometimes going to a ‘real’ conference is not possible.  There can be any number of reasons, but at times we have no choice but to admit that, this year, God has something else for us to do at that time.

I missed our local conference last weekend as well.  That meant I had energy to attend both church services on Sunday, which is probably a good exchange, but, really, it also means that I. Missed. The. Conference.

What to do?  Well, a friend mentioned a free online conference, the Homeschool Fitting-It-All-In Online Summit from April 30 to May 5, and it looks good.  (Note that, as always, I do not use affiliate links.)

This is how the Homeschool Summit is described on the website:

  • Decide what matters to your family using Christ-centered values
  • Create a workable homeschool plan
  • Keep your path centered on the eternal – even when life happens

I checked out the speaker list and saw some familiar faces I would love to listen to as well as many new ones, so I’ve signed up. Between April 30 and May 5 I will be spending a few hours listening to Nancy Campbell (“Being a Woman of the Word”), Sonya Shafer (“Laying Down the Rails”), the Zwaynes (“The Ultimate Goal of Education”), and maybe others.

Of course, it would be possible to spend the entire summit week at the computer watching sessions but that is not a great idea.  It could even be counterproductive.  As always, it is better to pick out a few sessions, learn from them, and then focus on applying what you’ve learned than to attend every session, become overwhelmed, and lose it all in a blur of busyness and missed duties.

So if illness, busyness, ‘overwhelmedness’, or other obligations force you to miss your local conference, this free online conference could be a welcome opportunity to help you think about homeschool goals and plans while focusing on the eternal.   Perhaps you will want to participate even though you attend your local conference as well.  But please don’t use this online conference to replace your local conference. As even the organizers say,

“We ARE pulling together a fantastic lineup of speakers and even shopping options, but it won’t replace attending your local homeschool conference…. As awesome as this summit will be, we still believe that the in-person networking of a local conference is invaluable!”

Yes, we need each other’s presence, support, and encouragement in real life.  God created us to connect with others, and to really do that we need to be physically present with them.  But when life gets in the way, connecting online is better than nothing.

God bless you as you consider your priorities and decide whether or not this online conference is a wise use of your time and energy.

Thanks to Kathleen for telling me about the Homeschool Summit.

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DisclosureI am not compensated for recommending the Homeschool Summit but just want to share this free opportunity with you.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I also couldn’t make it to last month’s local homeschool conference,but I’ve taking the time this week to stream some of the speakers from the summit Homeschool conference. I think the thing I like about this format the most is that it can be fit in in bits and pieces. I’ve been able to listen in to four different lectures so far, all over the space of three days, in 10 to 40 minute chunks. Also, being a bit of an introvert I enjoy watching from home, being able to take notes, and still end the day without feeling spent and like all my duties at home have been neglected. Thanks for sharing this resource. I hope they can meet the needs of those of us who may not be in a season to commit to a full weekend

  2. Annie Kate says:

    It’s great how you are able to attend this and make it work for you. There is something very restful about not neglecting other duties, and also about being able to stop a lecture and write down helpful things while the speaker is on hold.

    I have tried to watch in the evening, but our internet cannot really support hockey games, these Summit streams, and news-surfing at the same time. Your idea of taking time during the day is a good one. Thanks!

    I like the idea of loop scheduling that was mentioned yesterday. What were your favorite take-aways so far?

    I hope to listen to Sonya Shafer today before the rest of the family goes online. And then Nancy Campbell tomorrow, in between everything else.

  3. I always like The Botkin family, and Victoria in particular. She is always calling me back to simplicity and the simple joys that brought me to homeschooling in the first place: reading aloud, family Bible time, enjoying each other ‘s company, physical labour…. I just find her so reassuring. Rachel Carmen was also really encouraging. She is good at pointing us back to the source. Why do we do all this homeschooling? If it isn’t for His glory, it is bound and determined to eat us alive. I liked Marcia Washburn’s practical tips about cooking extra and putting little ones to work as soon as they are able. I love listening to moms that are through the battle and seeing them joyful and thankful with thriving kids and grandkids. It gives me strength for the day.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, these godly mentors do give strength for the day. That’s what I love about them, too!

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