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Summer Fun and Learning Ideas

Now that we fall asleep to the deep croaks of bullfrogs and the robins are once again nesting in my husband’s good extension cord, it finally feels like summer! We will continue our usual schoolwork for another month, but it is definitely time to start planning a good long break, with a bit of learning.

Recently some of us over at the Curriculum Choice shared our families’ ideas for summer fun and learning.

Heather wrote about ‘Adventure Boxes’ and how to make them, a different kind of ‘Summer Reading Challenge’, and ‘How to Host a Summer Writer’s Workshop.’  The writing workshop post is a goldmine of resources for all ages.

Heidi talked about all sorts of summer fun, from ‘Making Ice Cream’ to ‘Dollar Store Forts’ to ‘Summer Reading’, and she also discussed ‘How to Schedule a Homeschool Year with Summers Off.’

Eva gave many examples of how learning comes naturally as a family enjoys summer adventures.  Journaling and summer bucket lists can help with planning and remembering special experiences.

Tricia discussed the joy of summer fun and how to use all the extra time that is available when there are no lessons or extracurricular activities.  She uses some of that time to help her children build habits and to rest.  This summer she and her talented mom are hosting an online Summer Art Camp.

And here’s my contribution:

Summer can raise tricky questions for homeschoolers.  Do we do any official learning?  Do we continue on as usual?  Do we take the whole summer off?  Each of these has pros and cons, and our family has tried various approaches.

For us this summer will most likely be a mix of holidays, part time jobs, volunteering, and math. I hope to read, be outside, and rest, but first I’ll need to finish our high school records for this year.

If you are wondering what to read, I put together a helpful list of homeschool books last year.

We have often followed a three-step approach to planning our summer.  We would brainstorm our dreams (always a helpful exercise), list things that absolutely needed to be done, and then put together contracts and checklists for ourselves.

If you want ideas for a busy and productive summer, you might want to see my very ambitious plans from half a decade ago. One year I even published a list of things that I myself needed to catch up on, my ‘nibbled to death by ducks’ list.

But some summers one just needs to slow down.

I wish you wisdom and peace as you plan for a summer of memories, growth, and refreshment.

The entire article ‘Summer Homeschool Ideas’ is available at The Curriculum Choice.

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