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Tomatoes, Cabbages, and More

cauliflower soup ingredients from the garden

Parsley, leaf celery, lovage, and overgrown cauliflower for the season’s last cauliflower soup. It was delicious.

We are in full harvest mode. There are some cucumbers on a table in the verandah, along with the last of the fennel. Because our dear dog, who is terminally ill, now lives in the verandah, we cannot lay out the harvest on floor trays there as we usually do. Thus our living room is literally awash in tomatoes, cabbages, and peppers, and we have a lot of work to do.

Tomorrow we are making sauerkraut. This afternoon, when I’ve rested a bit more, I hope to make some naturally pickled hot peppers, relish, and salsa.* And I’ll freeze a lot of peppers and ripe tomatoes as well. We also need to pick some more apples.

Later on we will deal with the root vegetables, parsley, leeks, and any raspberries and apples that survive tonight’s frost.

In the meantime, we are enjoying fall in the way only gardeners can, in a mad rush of outdoor and indoor activities with almost everything else put on hold. We are so grateful to God for the harvest and the strength to both pick and preserve it!

*Learning to make these sorts of foods has literally changed our lives. I have written about this in several blog posts about Traditional Cooking School.

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