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Books, This Year and the Next

There is so much wisdom and beauty to be found in books, if you select them carefully!  I love reading.  I’m grateful that I can read very quickly and that I have learned to extract what is important from each book.  It’s a joy, too, to share these things with you in my reviews.  (Note:  […]

Six Tips for Bible Reading

Did you know that less than 15% of Canadian Christians read the Bible at least once every week?  That number is almost completely unbelievable. And it is a disaster. What other group of people will ignore the words of their leader?  What other group of people claims to follow someone without paying any attention to him?  […]

Bless Your Community and Your Homeschool by Suggesting Library Books to Purchase

Because I spent a few minutes online recently, members of our huge city library will be able to read books that might not otherwise have been ordered.  Everyone who reads these books will benefit from the wisdom and Christian worldview of the authors, and so I’ve blessed our community in a tiny but tangible way. […]

Coupons from Daily Feats

The other day my husband needed to get his suit dry cleaned.  That’s always expensive…but then I remembered my Daily Feats coupon.  Daily Feats is a unique site where you earn points by setting and tracking goals online.  Your goals can include everything from reading a book with your kids and exercising to flossing your […]

Pantry Challenge: What Next?

So, this winter’s pantry challenge is over.  Did we meet our goals?  I think so.  We’ve eaten a lot from our freezers and pantry and have saved money at the stores, all while eating very well.  And, as I hoped, we’ve also re-developed a family habit of using our food stockpile.  Not that there was […]

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