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Coupons from Daily Feats

The other day my husband needed to get his suit dry cleaned.  That’s always expensive…but then I remembered my Daily Feats coupon. 

Daily Feats is a unique site where you earn points by setting and tracking goals online.  Your goals can include everything from reading a book with your kids and exercising to flossing your teeth and volunteering. This site encourages you to set up routines to meet your goals and allows you to check in with friends, and, best of all, you’re earning points all the time.

You can redeem the points for all sorts of coupons, both local and online.  I’m astonished at how many great local businesses are represented, including a dry cleaning company.

It took me a while to start feeling comfortable around the Daily Feats site, and it frustrated me that the pages load so slowly.  But the site itself is amazing, full of goal ideas and helpful encouragement.  Daily Feats is a great motivator for people who like to check things off and who have fast internet connections.

I only used Daily Feats for a short while to track my goals and then switched to 21 Days to a Self-Disciplined Life and monthly goals which work better for my personality.  Besides, I hate sitting around waiting for pages to load so I can check off my goals; I’d rather be working on them.

However, I still have quite a few points, and when my husband needs his suit cleaned those points earn me a 30% off coupon for my husband’s favorite cleaner.    While I was printing out my coupon, I noticed some great summer outing coupons on Daily Feats as well….

Note:  When I enter my own postal code to find local coupons, I only get 4 options, but when I enter the postal code of nearby villages, many more coupons are available.  So if your local coupon offerings are disappointing, check out a nearby area that you regularly visit.

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Disclosure:  I am in no way compensated for telling you about this great resource.

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  1. Interesting! This is a new site for me!

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