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Review: Sonrise Stable Series by Vicki Watson

When I was a girl, I was crazy about horses and my dear parents bought three over the years.  Most  girls, however, have to be satisfied with reading about horses but, honestly, most modern horse books are full of undesirable elements—nasty relationships with girls, silly relationships with boys, and negative relationships with families.  On top of that, evolution is usually assumed in fiction and is actively promoted in ‘nonfiction’.

Vicki Watson has avoided all this in her well-written Sonrise Stable Series.  In fact, she faces such issues head-on.

In Clothed with Thunder, Rosie and her newly adopted sister Carrie are told all about the evolution of the horse at a 4-H speech.  With the help of Grandma, who is recovering from a broken leg, and their homeschooling Mom, the girls prepare their own speech on the creation of the horse.

But that is not the only thing going on. In Clothed with Thunder, Rosie also learns about kindness and second chances as her extended family pursues a dream.  Together, they are hoping to buy their own stables and have found a place that seems almost perfect.  The barns are new and the property will be ideal for trail rides and camp.  There’s plenty of room for their own horses with extra stables to spare.  The only problems are the house, which is a disaster, and the nearness of Billy King, who cheated Rosie out of her first trophy.  But they put in an offer for the property anyhow….

In Tender Mercies Rosie and Carrie volunteer at Last Chance Corral, a horse and foal rescue farm.  They learn how cruel some people can be and how God uses other people to show mercy to animals. Although they are used to horse care and stable chores, the girls have never worked this hard before.   As they care for a group of abandoned foals and learn to love one in particular, Rosie wonders if there is any possibility of taking him home.  She also realizes, to her chagrin, that her newly adopted sister Carrie does not always agree with her.

These are appealing stories, fast-paced, authentically horsey, and full of wisdom.  My Little Misses (10 and 12 years old) really enjoyed them, and so did I.  I highly recommend the Sonrise Stable series for any child in love with horses.

These books are great, but as a former horse-loving girl, I know that reading about horses is not always enough.  If you want hands-on work with horses but cannot afford lessons or do not have space to own a horse, try volunteering with your local therapeutic riding organization.  Not only will you learn a lot about horses, but you’ll also be helping handicapped people and contributing to your community. 

Disclosure I received a free review copy of these paperback books from Vicki Watson in order to share my honest opinions.

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  1. Janis Cox says:

    Annie Kate,

    Great to meet you. I am following you from Home Educator – Be inspired by others.
    I am the author/illustrator of a new book for children ages 2-8 called Tadeo Turtle. You can see reviews here http://www.janiscox.com/information/tadeo-turtle-reviews/

    Blessings on your day,

  2. Hi Kate,
    One of my friend’s little boy is in love with horses, I will definitley share what I found with her. Thank you for linking up on my site. Nice to meet you!

  3. Ooops, I just called you Kate, that’s your middle name. I meant to say Annie. Nice to meet you again Annie. 🙂

  4. piwimama says:

    I enjoyed your review and the suggestions. DD is all about animal books! We would love it if you would share it also with the Kid Lit blog hop http://piwiprincess.blogspot.com/2013/03/co-hosting-12th-kid-lit-blog-hop.html

  5. Annie Kate says:

    Hi Janis, it’s nice to meet you. I checked out your site and I love your artwork!

    No problem, Betty. I hope your friends child will have a chance to enjoy these books.

    Piwimama, if your DD is all about animal books, she’ll love these. And I’ll gladly share these books with the Kid Lit blog hop. I’d never even heard of it. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Julie Grasso says:

    Thank you for posting some great books horses orientated books. You know I have never gotten into horse books, but the messages and morals that are portrayed in these books really make me want to check them out. Thanks for linking them into the Kid Lit Blog hop and we would love to have you back again. Cheers Julie Grasso

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