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Last Day of School (?!?)


This may be the big day!  The children are working hard to finish the last bits of required work before officially finishing school!  This year we’ve been fairly text-book oriented for various reasons, and one advantage of that system is that it’s easy to see when you’re ‘done’.  It’s also easy for the children to look ahead and say, "I can finish the book this week!"


So here are today’s goals:

6 year old: none, all finished already

9 year old: math (Miquon purple book)

11 year old:  math (Singapore 6B), science (ABeka 6), and logic (Building Thinking Skills 2)

14 year old:  math (Key to Algebra 9), science (Apologia Physical Science ch 8) and French (BJUP 1, chapter 11)

16 year old:  none; she’s out of province working on a dairy farm and will catch up in the summer

 This will be the first year in our whole lives that we include June in our summer!  We’ve tried various arrangements for summer, including year round schooling, but this is where we’re at now, and we’re all excited.


We do all have projects for this summer, but first we plan to take a WHOLE WEEK OFF!   We’ll only do the necessary home, animal, and garden chores.  From past experience, we’ll all be learning at least as much as when we ‘do school’, however…. 


Have a blessed weekend and see you on Tuesday for another Tea Time.


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  1. solidrock says:

    Congrats!!!!!! This is our second time taking june off. Though we were the only ones! Have a great week!

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