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TOS Homeschool Crew Reviews


After having done reviews of some well-loved resources on my own and my library’s shelves, I have started a new adventure: working with The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew on product reviews.  This is how it works.  Companies will send me a copy of whatever they wish me to review, and we will study the product, use it if possible, and review it.   Obviously, our family is pretty choosy about what we use in our home school, and we are hoping the introductory questionnaire helped us weed out things that won’t fit with our family. 


Why would a busy home school mom get involved with such a project?    Well, it seemed like a perfect opportunity!  I’ve always loved helping others by promoting good products and pointing out problems in inferior ones.  For me, it’s also a way to learn more about the products out there, about blogging, and about reviewing.  Furthermore, now my children can’t complain about their writing assignments, since they will see me writing as well!  With deadlines. 


For about a year, therefore, almost all of my home school reviews will be with the Homeschool Crew.  Occasionally I’ll slip in one of my own that I really want to tell you about, but the fact that it’s an Annie Kate pick, not a TOS Homeschool Crew pick, will be made very clear. 


For other opinions on the products, you will be referred to the Crew blog where you will find links to many other moms’ reviews.  Last year’s reviews are also available, and you may wish to check them out before ordering your resources for the coming school year. Just look here and scroll down for the huge list of products with accompanying reviews.   


I’m hoping to be able to post most of the TOS Crew reviews on Saturdays, with the first one appearing tomorrow.  See you then for another Tea Time with Annie Kate!


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