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Much Study … Makes You Tired


"Of making many books there is no end,

and much study wearies the body."  Ecclesiastes 12:12b



I’d never really thought about that before tonight.  I always thought much study wearies the mind, not the body. 


Today I finished a wonderful but time-consuming writing project–the math section of a unit study to be put out by The Old Schoolhouse sometime next year.  Tonight I do somewhat understand that text from Ecclesiastes. 



And I’m hoping that the upcoming school year will be challenging but will not weary our children (or me).  It’s a fine balance.  Apparently I’m an old softie when it comes to school work requirements, although I often think I am too rigorous.  I’m thankful that my wonderful husband can usually put such issues into perspective for us.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. jenn4him says:

    Yes, it is a balance. It is great to have the perspecitve of a husband. I hope you have a balanced week!


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