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Just Let Them Go!


I’m still recovering from our apple day, but life rolls on and the children have all the energy in the world. 


While I’m slowly freezing the tomatoes ripening in our veranda, the children are busy writing nature notebooks on the computer, making paths in the woods behind our place, printing out the introduction to an online MIT course on protein folding, playing yet another game (or ten) of Seterra, caring for a chicken with a sore leg, or jumping in the mud. 


While I’m preparing another review (phew, there are a lot coming up!) they’re off learning judo, doing even more Seterra, designing beautiful Word pages with lovely fonts and borders, or reading all about America’s first motion study experts (as in Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on their Toes).


While I’m marking the endless piles of completed work that build up relentlessly on the kitchen table, they’re busy learning whatever they can get their hands on—and often it’s some kind of ‘school’ work.


Ahh, the homeschooling lifestyle!  I love it and am so thankful our children can grow up this way.


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