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Experiment While the Sun Shines!


After all the rain, we finally have enough sunlight to do the Little Miss’s science experiment! They were quite excited.


Right now they’re on the front lawn with their big brother, and the dog is safely tied up to a tree.  The girls each have three chocolate wafers and a large magnifying glass, and they’re trying to melt the chocolate by focusing sunlight on it.  Actually it’s easier to burn the chocolate than to melt it, but it’s fun either way. 


Of course, big brother had to try it out on a piece of wood, and he burned clear through it.  I don’t think the kids will ever forget the power of sunlight, especially not if we manage to start a camp fire and roast some marshmallows.   


Sunshine does make everything so much better!  I wish you all a sunny week.



  1. franbles99 says:

    I LOVE the sunshine. It's shining now but we've also had two HEAVY downpours this morning and we got caught in the second one! NW England tends to be a rather wet place which was one of the reasons I enjoyed Kamloops so much being semi-arid. NW Engalnd could do with being semi-arid for a few months – might finally get the garden dried out – it's been too wet for about 3 years now!

    God bless you!


  2. 2boysmom says:

    I know here in Texas we take the sun for granted. However, the last few months we've had so much rain and humidity, that whenever we get a sunny day with cooler temps, everyone feels wonderful!

    The sun makes a huge difference in how you view the day.

    Saw your list of all you've done this week. Wow!

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