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Homeschool Highlights: Finished!

🙂 All of the children have finished their requirements for the year! 🙂

Well, all of them except Miss 7. For her math I conveniently noticed that the next section could be used as a review in September.  (Yippee!)  As for her reading, well, neither she nor I could face the thought of another, “No, that’s not what the word says.  You’ve got to look at the letters.  Don’t guess.  Sound it out.”  Since I’ve never been a big fan of structured learning for little ones, it made sense to just stop. (Phew!)  I’m sure a summer of growing up will make a huge difference in her ability to concentrate.

As of Monday, this mountain of work still needed to be done:

Miss 10: Key to Metric Measurements, # 1FINISHED on Tuesday.

Miss 12Key to Algebra, # 4. FINISHED on Wednesday.

Miss 7: Miquon Math, Red Book, and             

Busy Times from Pathway Readers.   POSTPONED until the fall.

Mr 15How to Read a Book, first section, and           

Streams of Civilization, Vol. 1, and 

Promise and Deliverance,  Vol. 2, ch 43 .  All FINISHED on Wednesday.

 Art Pac 8, pen and ink work, and   

Singapore’s New Elementary Math 3b, and

Apologia Biology, chapter 8.  All FINISHED on Thursday.

Miss 17

Apologia Chemistry, Ch 16 and final exam, and

Apologia Physics, Ch 15, 16, and final exam.  Both FINISHED on Thursday.

All that’s left is to wrap the year up.  I need to compile the marks for the older ones and put together a report card for Miss 17–our family’s first report card.   We also want to summarize what everyone did this year.  And we need to clean out papers, put away books, file scribblers, and so on.  But that’s for next week;  right now we’re celebrating. 

Praise the Lord!  

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  1. Heather says:

    Congratulations! At first I thought about continuing “some” school over the Summer, but I realized I needed the wrap-up, clean-up and celebration just as much as the kids!

    Nick is heading into Apologia Biology next year. I really liked the Physical Science. Although, I’m thinking about doing it through the new online classes they have…not sure yet…

    I decided to try Classical Conversations next year with Emma. But, I will still need to choose a math. What is your choice for Math? I see Ms. 7 is doing Miquon…I am also hearing good things about MathUSee…

    Anyway, I love hearing what your kids are doing-tell them Congratulations!

    1. Julie says:

      Great job! We have our evals next week, but have actually started the next school year already. The kids aren’t too thrilled but we needed to do it this year. Found you through the weekly wrapup and enjoyed my visit. 🙂

    2. Annie Kate says:

      I’ve heard about MathUSee; many people like it. We use Miquon for the littles, Key to and Singapore for the mediums, and Singapore and ALEKS for the bigs. These curricula work well together. Of course, we also use TOS Crew products.

      Annie Kate

  2. LarabaK says:

    Congratulations! I’m still doing just a bit with the kids as I didn’t do a lot while in the throes of morning sickness. This morning they did some math, but more importantly we spent some time in worship and prayer together. That’s always an adventure as the little ones don’t stand holding hands in a circle very well, which is how we’ve been doing our prayers. We keep the praying short!
    Thanks for telling me how to catagorize my posts. I started catagorizing though have a long way to go to take care of old posts. But you are right, it’ll be nice for someone to select, say, “chickens” if they are interested :-).

    1. Annie Kate says:

      It’s so good to hear that you’re feeling better and able to do a few more things. 🙂

      I’m glad I could help you with your categories. There are so many little things to learn, aren’t there?


      Annie Kate

  3. Yay, yay, yay and a big happy dance!! 🙂

  4. Leah Witmond says:

    Great job, Annie Kate. I hope you’ll enjoy your holidays.

    We’re unschoolers, so we never really do holidays; Life never stops teaching us new lessons every new day. Having said that, my 16-year old has asked us if we could please go on a holiday this year, and we might do that (after summer is over) if money isn’t too tight.

  5. Tristan says:

    Hooray! Enjoy whatever break you take~


  6. kympossible says:

    Congratulations on getting it FINISHED!! We’ve been doing the same thing, tying up some loose ends so we can officially close the books for the summer.

    I’m new to the Weekly Wrap-up crew and look forward to visiting your blog again as we go along!


  7. LeslieN says:

    Congrats on finishing!!! We are still waiting to finish the milestone and I hope to accomplish it before we start the next year. (We haven’t worked too hard on it though as I’ve been ready for a break!) Enjoy a job well done!


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