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Right now I’m not at home, but at a hotel.  You see, my husband had a business trip far away and asked me to come along.  Our children are old enough so, for the third time since Miss 17 was born, I went with him.

It has been a pleasant trip, and we were able to spend many uninterrupted hours together in the car.  On top of that, I was able to do a lot of school planning.  Somehow, it is taking much less time this year—perhaps because I’m able to focus better while alone in a hotel room.

Since my husband needed to pay for gas and a hotel anyhow, it cost nothing extra for me to come along.  “What about food?” you ask.  Well, I have celiac disease, so it’s easier for me just to take a cooler of gluten-free food.   And, of course, that costs much less than eating out every meal.

I really appreciate this opportunity, especially since it’s essentially free.  (Except, of course, for the special foods we bought for the kids to enjoy while we were gone.)

I also visited an exciting museum. If my husband ever needs to come here again, he might take the three oldest children along.  At little extra expense, except for some food (they would also be packing most of their own), they could enjoy exploring the history of a different city, have an outing with their Daddy, and experience some independence.

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  1. Stacy says:

    Oh how neat for you and dh! I’m glad you get to have that special time away. And knowing you, you WILL save quite a bit by taking your food with you.

    DD and I have packed lunch to take w/us on errand days, just to save $ and stop us from having to go back home to eat. Once we’re back home, it’s too easy to say, “Oh, let’s not finish the errands, then later, we’ll be wishing we would have done them!”

    1. Annie Kate says:

      When we know we’ll be out over a lunch, the children and I either pack something, or plan to buy something at a grocery store. It does save a lot of money, and it keeps our blood sugar up.

      Annie Kate

  2. Enjoy your time away! What a fabulous opportunity for you!

  3. LarabaK says:

    I’m glad you got away for a time. It is so important for husband and wife to carve out time together. We are fortunate that my parents are willing to watch our kids for a few days almost every year. What a blessing to focus on one another for a time and discuss our relationship, our goals, our future, etc.

  4. Tina says:

    So nice to get away with hubby!!! We have had that opportunity ourselves this summer and I have really enjoyed it.

  5. Nichole says:

    I love going with my husband on business trips! I try to go along a few times a year, when he has a one- or two-day trip somewhere nearby. I feel like it’s a little too indulgent to ask my in-laws to watch the kids for much longer than that when all I’m going to be doing it sleeping in and reading in a hotel room!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Our family all lived too far away for us to do it when the children were small, and we had little ones with separation anxiety. So we’re just beginning this tagging along adventure.

      I’m sure, though, that your in-laws love having the children over.

      Annie Kate

  6. Jenn 4 Him says:

    Oh, I am looking forward to a little weekend get away with my hubby in October for our 16th anniversary. Glad you can get away too.

  7. I love “free” trips like that! Two years ago I got to go to a paid for teacher conference at Ocracoke Island!

  8. Tina says:

    Hi Annie Kate…Yes my blog is gone dear friend. I have moved over to blogger. Details are not important. I will keep friendships up! I promise! http://morningstaracademy2.blogspot.com/ HUGs

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