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Time to Make Some Learning Plans

So here we are, starting the third week of our summer holidays and we have not even finished writing up our summer learning contracts!  Nor have we wrapped up last year.  On top of that, I need to get busy with Miss 17’s grade 12 school plans, since she’s already started the work.  And I need to plan out the year for the rest of the children.  And I must plan my own summer learning/review in order to be able to teach the children in the fall.  Phew! 

It’s all starting to sound a bit overwhelming to me.  We’ll just do a little bit at a time, enjoy the process, and pray for strength, wisdom, and clarity of mind. 

Here are my planning goals:

Today we’ll get the summer learning contracts set up. They will not be very intense or academic, and that’s fine.  The children are having a hard time thinking of just-for-fun activities, something we’ve never experienced before, but we’ll leave lots of blank space to add those in later. We’ll also put together some weekly checklists to keep track of the things we’ve decided to do regularly.   

This week I hope to finish Miss 17’s transcript for her grade 11 work.  She and Mr 15 will also have to work on a portfolio.  I need to summarize the year for the younger girls as well, but that is almost finished.

Next week I’ll start planning for next year’s learning.  Although I’m looking at To Be Busy at Home  for inspiration to get this project going, I never do as much preparation or work as Samantha does.  And that’s OK.  We’re all different, and we can all learn from each other.


  1. Tina says:

    We were 4 weeks into summer before I wrapped up the year and got the grades done. This past week I accomplished the big clean out of my desk, files, craft closet, and bookshelves. I hope to start planning by August.
    This has been the most layed back I have ever been in my planning. It must have to do with having 19 years behind us.
    Our summer learning has been lots of reading, art, and relaxing.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Thanks, Tina. That makes me feel better!

      Last night I marked two of Miss 17’s tests for next year (she’s working ahead)…so I do have to wrap up last year in a hurry.

      Reading, art, and relaxing sounds like a great way to spend the summer.

      Annie Kate

  2. Ugh me too! I feel so behind, I haven’t even begun to plan 🙁

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