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Weekly Wrap Up

We had two days of spring this week!  Last night, however, the wind howled and shook the house until the windows almost rattled, and now it?s chilly again.

Miss 10 finished her week?s worth of independent work by Tuesday.  After struggling all year to be finished by Friday and rarely succeeding, this was a real breakthrough.  It helped that she had spent some time last Friday and Saturday working ahead, and that she had only a bit of math to do this week.  On her days ?off? this week, she worked ahead so she could finish early again next week. (There’s a life lesson here!)  The rest of the time she played and worked on developing a new secret code using scientific notation.

Miss 8 also finished her work on time, and the rest of the crew almost did.  They are all learning so much.  This week we covered everything from the biology of plants to table tennis rules, and from how to draw the ducklings in Make Way for Ducklings to geometric proofs and algebra.

I, too, am learning.  I no longer mark assignments on the computer.  Now I only accept paper copies so I can scribble on them, hand them back for reworking if necessary, and then file them away.  And at the end of the year, I?ll ask for all the computer files as well, so I can back them up and have well-organized digital copies of everything.  That will be good, but paper copies are crucial.  I didn?t keep track of them consistently in the past, and now that is haunting me.

Miss 13 and I watched Emma, and she blogged about it.  What a lot of wholesome fun we had!  Although I?d read the book several times in the past, I hadn?t enjoyed it much.  Now, having seen Emma on screen, I?m ready to read it again.

How was your week?

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  1. It’s hard to figure the best way to keep track of things. So many options. I’m still learning, too!

  2. Nikki says:

    I think I change every year how I organize things. It’s definitely a process and a chore!

  3. Annie Kate says:

    I had changed it every year up until now but now that the university admission records for my oldest are almost done, I know how I’ll do it for the rest of the kids. Live and learn!

    Annie Kate

  4. kympossible says:

    Our weather has been going back and forth between winter and spring too. Sounds like you all had a productive week!

  5. Tina says:

    We watched Emma this week too!
    On dissections…I do believe butching will sufice! Do you look at the organs? The eyeball is the new dissection of choice in schools. And the brain…just cannot do that one! Its mostly about understanding how its all connected together and how each system works.

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