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Tweaking Apologia Advanced Chemistry and Physics for Grade 12

Last year we discovered that Mr. 18 needed grade 12 chemistry and grade 12 physics for all three of the university programs he was considering.  We had used Apologia science all through high school and liked their Advanced Chemistry and Advanced Physics, but now we faced a problem.  We wanted a grade 12 course in both of these […]

Apologia Science Books 1/3 Off

If you are planning to use Apologia science next school year,  you might want to check out the March Apologia sale at Christian Book Distributors.  You can read my review of Apologia highschool science here.  I do not know what CBD’s  shipping and handling costs are like, but it seems like a great deal.   Although some first […]

Review: Apologia High School Science

My review of the Apologia high school science series is up at The Curriculum Choice. A question has come up since I prepared this review: “Since the advanced courses are AP level, at what point has a student finished a ‘normal’ grade 12 course?” I’ll be working on that in the next while, and will […]

Other Priorities

Several times over the past few months I tried to write a blog post and it just wouldn’t work.  For a long time I couldn’t figure out why and then it hit me:  I’ve been busy with other priorities. Here are some of them. When homeschooled teens take advanced courses, sometimes mom needs to scramble.  […]

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in the Homeschool

If your science and math programs need a bit of a boost, you will find many exciting options in “The STEM Homeschool,” an article at the Curriculum Choice. My contribution is in italics below, and then I will tell you about some of Heather’s and Tricia’s great suggestions. As you will be able to tell, […]

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