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Review: Setting the Records Straight by Lee Binz

Over and over, I see homeschooling families sending their teens to school because they are afraid of destroying their chances for higher education.  But you do not have to be afraid to homeschool high school.  Ordinary families can be successful and they can get their children into college, sometimes even on scholarships.  In Setting the […]

Review: College Admission and Scholarships by Lee Binz

So here you are, looking at homeschooling high school.  So many people outsource these best and most important years of homeschooling because they feel inadequate.  They think they might fail their child.  And while that is technically possible, every diligent homeschooling parent can succeed with all the fantastic resources available these days. One resource that […]

Review: Comprehensive Record Solution by Lee Binz

Occasionally I hear of well-qualified homeschool graduates not being accepted into universities because their records were not clear and convincing.  And I hear of parents who quit homeschooling for fear of this, or who are too overwhelmed by it all to continue. These things don’t need to happen. You can keep on homeschooling, and your […]

Documenting Interest-Driven Learning as a High School Course

Although we use standard textbooks in many courses, there are times when our teens follow their own rabbit trails and just learn things they want to learn.  This interest-driven exploration is one of the most effective ways to learn, but it leaves me scrambling at high school record keeping time. It is easy to document […]

From Homeschool to University

Over at the Curriculum Choice, some other long-term homeschoolers and I are discussing how to homeschool with college in mind. Betsy, who helps other homeschooling moms figure out how to prepare their children for college, gives many links to her articles on the topic and also has her ebook, Homeschooling High School with College in […]