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The National Week of Prayer for Homeschool Families

This was sent out to local homeschoolers and I am sharing it with permission.  Note that this event is a grassroots effort and is not tied to any specific organization. Monday — Fathers Please pray for homeschooling fathers to walk in integrity before the Lord in every area of their lives. Pray for their hearts […]

Bless Your Community and Your Homeschool by Suggesting Library Books to Purchase

Because I spent a few minutes online recently, members of our huge city library will be able to read books that might not otherwise have been ordered.  Everyone who reads these books will benefit from the wisdom and Christian worldview of the authors, and so I’ve blessed our community in a tiny but tangible way. […]

The Rijksmuseum Collection in Amsterdam

When we lived in The Netherlands, my three little ones and I would often head to Amsterdam.  Since our railway pass gave us free admission to museums, we liked to visit a museum in the morning and then, of course, the zoo in the afternoon. We did not go to the Rijksmuseum frequently, but often […]

The Gluten Free Baking Mix Cookbook

I’m not much of one for baking mixes, but occasionally they can be life savers.  If you want to try out a simple gluten free baking mix and recipe book, try The Gluten Free Baking Mix Cookbook, on sale today and tomorrow for 99c.  I’ve discussed it in some detail on my new site Embracing […]

Review: Is College Worth It? by William J. Bennett and David Wilezol

So even if you’re not sure what your academic goals are or what your next steps might be, I encourage you to fill out an application, find out how much financial aid you qualify for, and talk with an Admissions Advisor about your concerns, fears, and dreams. (from an advertisement sent out by a non-traditional […]

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