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Morning Smile


One day my daughters began to cut out snowflakes and soon we had a paper blizzard. Now snowflakes, airy white shapes of magical beauty, hang everywhere. If you wish to fill your home with them too, you can make your own free-form snowflakes, as we did for a while, or you can use patterns. The […]

Wordless Wednesday: Marshmallow Sculptures


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy. Thanksgiving. Those two words go together, don’t they?  We usually think of happy people being thankful, but the graphic below shows another truth as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

A Celebration Gift from Ten Thousand Villages

As a reviewer, I get many parcels in the mail.  But the one Miss 13 brought inside last Thursday morning was not a book to review.  Instead, it was a surprise.  And it was for me. When I opened the box, I found a beautiful card congratulating me on being one of Graf-Martin’s top 10 […]

Review: Weather Wits and Science Snickers by Steve LaNore

What’s the difference between a dust devil and a tornado?  Why don’t vacuum cleaners work on the moon? What do raindrops look like? With Steve LaNore you can learn these and other science tidbits while laughing through Weather Wits and Science Snickers. This 57 page softcover book is full of Corny Jokes and Cool Facts […]

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