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Bible Study Charts for the Veritas Omnibus Program

  In order to plan Bible for our school year, I made these two charts.  Since our teens do not study the entire Omnibus program I wanted an overview of its Bible study so I could easily plan their studies. The first chart shows where in the 6 volumes of Omnibus each Bible book is […]

Weekly Wrap Up

In our life this week… It is cold and we’re going through our firewood at a great rate.  But that’s a whole lot better than going through heating oil. As I mentioned before, my son has been getting regular messages from Web Hosting Hub about how Tea Time with Annie Kate is using up too […]

Weekly Wrap Up

In our life these two weeks… Well, Miss 11 got her new glasses, I’m getting new lenses courtesy of the optometrist (the lenses I got a couple of months ago were not strong enough), the van’s tire and insides got patched (I spent 1 ½ mornings in the Canadian Tire waiting room!), and our country […]

Thoughts on Movies

Occasionally, I bump into a quote that won’t leave me alone.  In Omnibus 5, tucked in between deep thoughts about Augustine’s The City of God, was this one: Our culture encourages us to feed our desires and not to learn how to control them.  There are many instances of this in popular culture.  Films like The […]

Review: Reading with Purpose by Nancy Wilson

Would you encourage your teen to hang out, unsupervised, with some of the most charming, persuasive, and articulate non-Christians in the world?  That is what’s happening when they read literature without guidance. Obviously, this can have devastating effects.  So, what is a Christian homeschooling parent to do?  We must understand the both the ideas and […]

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