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Weekly Wrap Up

In our life this week… It is cold and we’re going through our firewood at a great rate.  But that’s a whole lot better than going through heating oil. As I mentioned before, my son has been getting regular messages from Web Hosting Hub about how Tea Time with Annie Kate is using up too […]

Weekly Wrap Up

In our life these two weeks… Well, Miss 11 got her new glasses, I’m getting new lenses courtesy of the optometrist (the lenses I got a couple of months ago were not strong enough), the van’s tire and insides got patched (I spent 1 ½ mornings in the Canadian Tire waiting room!), and our country […]

Thoughts on Movies

Occasionally, I bump into a quote that won’t leave me alone.  In Omnibus 5, tucked in between deep thoughts about Augustine’s The City of God, was this one: Our culture encourages us to feed our desires and not to learn how to control them.  There are many instances of this in popular culture.  Films like The […]

Review: Reading with Purpose by Nancy Wilson

Would you encourage your teen to hang out, unsupervised, with some of the most charming, persuasive, and articulate non-Christians in the world?  That is what’s happening when they read literature without guidance. Obviously, this can have devastating effects.  So, what is a Christian homeschooling parent to do?  We must understand both the ideas and the […]

Review: The Autobiography of Charles Finney

The evangelist must produce excitements sufficient to induce people to repentance. Thus wrote the controversial Charles G. Finney, one of the most influential men in American church history.  He is credited with developing a new method for evangelism and with over half a million ‘decisions for Christ’.   On the other hand, some point out that […]