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Field Trip: Van Gogh Up Close

One rainy day last week, we visited the Van Gogh Up Close exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada.   What a treat! Even though we have books with reproductions of Van Gogh’s paintings, and even though every single one of his works is available online, there is nothing like actually seeing the real paintings. We […]

Field Trip: The Lambs Down Park Festival

Every year we get the question:  “Can we get a lamb? Or a goat? Or a pony?  Or a pig? Or a cow?”  I would like to say yes.  My husband is a bit more realistic and says no, so it never happens.  Chickens, dogs, bees, and ducks are enough for our family. But when […]

Special Exhibitions in Ottawa, 2020

Over the years we have seen some amazing things at special exhibitions, from the Dead Sea Scrolls and one of the earliest copies of the Magna Charta to the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci and paintings by Van Gogh. However, we almost missed several of these special exhibitions because it’s hard to keep track of […]

How to Choose Curriculum that Works for Your Family

Recently a new homeschooling mom contacted me with one of the usual new mom questions. What curriculum should we use? The young mom who was talking to me had some exposure to one curriculum and wasn’t satisfied with it. Her husband had heard of another that sounded good, and they weren’t sure what to do […]

Harvesting and Homeschooling

Today I plan to freeze tomatoes, pick raspberries, and dry lemon balm—in the car of all places(!), something I learned from Traditional Cooking’s Dehydrating course.  We also need to clean up windfall apples in our little apple orchard and, on top of that, there is schoolwork to do. This is a problem, because it is […]