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Free Virtual Field Trips

For some of us, being at home is not a big deal—some of us even prefer it. If, however, you and your kids are used to being out and about, being at home can be a difficult thing to manage cheerfully. However you and your family react to the home-based life, a field trip is […]

Field Trips, Harvesting, Rats, and Books (Weeks 2-4)

Decades ago, our homeschooling revolved around field trips, read alouds, rabbit trails, and everyday life. These past three weeks the girls and I have been enjoying a repeat of those days. Field trip #1: We visited the Battle of Chrysler Farm location and memorial, scene of one of the major Canadian defenses in the War […]

Field Trip: Fort Henry

We are not travelling across the country to visit relatives this year, but we do want to fill our summer with fun and good memories.  So recently we packed up the troops and headed out to explore Fort Henry, a monument to Canada’s past relations with the US. Fort Henry in Kingston was built as […]

Field Trip: Upper Canada Village

Nestled on the St. Lawrence River in Eastern Ontario, Upper Canada Village represents a busy community in the 1860’s.  We visit it every few years with a whole group of homeschoolers, and each year something else stands out.  One year it was the ripe pears falling from the trees, one year it was being handed […]

Field Trip: Heritage Mica Festival

We visited a mine.  The Silver Queen Mica Mine was just as in all those wonderful story books, but, fortunately, not so deep.  The walls were oozing wet and it was very cold and dark and exciting and full of puddles. This mine, at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park, produced a lot of mica.  Because the crystals form […]