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Movie Review: The Vatican Museums 3D

Over the years the Vatican has become home to much of the world’s greatest art. Popes from 1506 to the present collected mankind’s expressions of creativity, hired painters and sculptors, and tried to chronicle man’s search for meaning. From Julius II’s purchase of Laoccoon and his Sons (1506) to Paul VI’s Collection of Modern Religious Art (begun […]

Wordless Wednesday: Marshmallow Sculptures


Review: Shadowed by Grace by Cara Putman

Rachel Justice, an American photographer, is thrilled to get a newspaper assignment to Italy during World War II. She needs the money her photos will earn to fund medical treatment for her dying mother.  However, she’s not counting only on her own photography; she’s also hoping to find her Italian artist father, a man she’s never known and […]

Happy Birthday, Emily Carr

One of my favorite Canadian artists, Emily Carr, would have been 142 today, and there are some celebrations: The Vancouver Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition of 40 of her exhilarating forest paintings this winter.  I won’t be able to see it, but maybe some of you will.  Instead, I can take a virtual field trip […]

The Rijksmuseum Collection in Amsterdam

When we lived in The Netherlands, my three little ones and I would often head to Amsterdam.  Since our railway pass gave us free admission to museums, we liked to visit a museum in the morning and then, of course, the zoo in the afternoon. We did not go to the Rijksmuseum frequently, but often […]

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