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Review: Say What You Mean: Beginning Debate by JoJo Tabares

  So, your teens are full of worthwhile opinions and great ideas.  That’s a joy for any parent, especially a homeschooling parent.  Now the next question is: can they communicate their ideas winsomely?  Can they discuss them articulately and graciously with opponents?  Can they convince others of the truth of a matter?  Based on the […]

Foundations in Personal Finance Curriculum, Revisited

During school time Mr. 16 was sitting at the computer, chuckling. Having that much fun doing ‘schoolwork’ suggests to me that it’s not really schoolwork on the computer…. So I sternly asked, “What are you doing?” Sweetly he answered, “Dave Ramsey,” and continued chortling. After listening to a few more minutes of this laughter, I […]

Review: Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

We’ve all heard the idea that business is about being greedy, exploiting workers, and destroying the environment.  Well, Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Yale researcher, disagrees. He has written Doing Virtuous Business: The Remarkable Success of Spiritual Enterprise to show that successful business depends on a civilization’s ‘spiritual capital’, the sum of values and ideas, derived from […]

Review: Foundations in Personal Finance Homeschool Curriculum

Looking ahead to my children’s futures, I don’t want to see them saddled with debt, living hand-to-mouth, fighting about money with their spouses, needing two incomes to survive, and unable to support their local church and other worthy causes. And I’m sure you don’t want that for your children either. Now, sometimes such financial strain […]

A Free Gift and a Review: Molly’s Money-Saving Digest

Each New Year I make resolutions about upgrading and improving?eventually.  Molly, on the other hand, has already done so.  Her latest Money-Saving Digest: Molly Saves in the Office sports a new look and new features, while retaining the best of last year?s Digests.  Although Molly?s new look is very contemporary, her smiling face still beams […]

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