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Competition and the Homeschooled Teen

One disadvantage of homeschooling is that there is no competition.  Our teens often have no idea where they stand in comparison to other teens, so they have no idea what they are really good at.  And it turns out that Mom’s opinion about these things does not always carry that much weight. When Miss 16 […]

Not Finishing the School Year

So, we are not going to be able to finish this school year properly. In fact, we are significantly behind, and that really bothers me. Some of it was unavoidable:  we had a bumper garden harvest and illness.  However, the girls could have been farther along if I had been a bit more organized.  Or […]

Update Your Resume!

A few months ago someone asked me for my resume for a volunteer position.  I had not worried about a resume since leaving the academic scene to become a stay at home mom almost two decades ago!  In fact, I had barely written down my various activities.  Obviously, this was going to be a colossal […]

Is There Life after Homeschooling?

Many years ago I talked to a cashier, a former homeschooling mom, whose life fell apart when her teens unexpectedly went to school.  For a year, she suffered from depression and was unable to do basic tasks around the house.  In fact, it was not until she became a cashier that she began to recover. […]

Reading about Math and Science

Years ago we started the practice of reading books about science and math as an ‘official’ part of our homeschool (i.e. something I make sure happens).  We read not only our carefully chosen textbooks, but also biographies, picture books, explanations of concepts, and deep discussions.  Why?  Because, while science and math textbooks are indispensable, especially […]