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Our Summer Theme and Goals

Every spring we discuss what each person wants to do in the summer and we make up a family summer wish list. This year, however, Miss 13 asked an important question, “Why do we have to DO something?  Can’t we just garden a little bit and do nothing?” Well, no.  Not quite.  I want us […]

Summer Survival Guide on Sale this Weekend

School is officially over at our house!  Yes, it is!  This major event happened yesterday before supper.  Miss 10 generously took over Mr. 18’s cooking turn and cooked her first solo supper while Mr. 18 and I discussed the poetry of Walt Whitman and T. S. Eliot. So, here we are.  On holidays.  Now that […]

Our Curriculum for Next Year (Grades 5, 7, 10, 12)

I’m finally almost finished curriculum planning!  Here is what we plan to use this year, although we’re still waffling on a few things.  And, yes, I know the high school plans are for an intense year, but we are free to cut back if necessary. (Note that all links are to my curriculum reviews.) Mr. 17, […]

Our ‘Summer School’ Goals

We usually brainstorm a list of things we want to do each summer and combine that dream list with the things that have to be done to make our summer plans for each child. And I usually make my own list of summer goals as well. I spent a few hours today discussing with my […]

Curriculum Choice Review: Comprehensive Record Solution

The prospect of getting homeschooled kids into university can seem quite frightening.  I was recently talking with a mom who is going to do online public school so that her children will have ‘the right courses’ to enter university.  She was cheerfully determined to follow this course, so I didn’t try to dissuade her, but […]

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