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Review: True Reason by Gilson and Weitnauer

Atheists sometimes claim that they represent reason and that Christianity is anti-intellectual and inherently unreasonable.  True Reason, a collection of 18 essays, discusses this idea and meets atheists’ arguments head on…if they have presented arguments that can be reasoned with; otherwise True Reason points out their lack of logic and careful thought. Sometimes deep, sometimes […]

Reading about Math and Science

Years ago we started the practice of reading books about science and math as an ‘official’ part of our homeschool (i.e. something I make sure happens).  We read not only our carefully chosen textbooks, but also biographies, picture books, explanations of concepts, and deep discussions.  Why?  Because, while science and math textbooks are indispensable, especially […]

Sale on Classical Astronomy Curriculum and Book

Do you want to understand the night sky the way it was understood hundreds or even thousands of years ago?  Do you want to know how to tell time and direction, seasons and solstices just by looking up?  Resources about such fascinating aspects of classical astronomy can be difficult to find. Here’s good news, though.  […]

Review: Weather Wits and Science Snickers by Steve LaNore

What’s the difference between a dust devil and a tornado?  Why don’t vacuum cleaners work on the moon? What do raindrops look like? With Steve LaNore you can learn these and other science tidbits while laughing through Weather Wits and Science Snickers. This 57 page softcover book is full of Corny Jokes and Cool Facts […]

Jay Ryan Discusses Saturn and Venus

I love knowing what all the lights in the night sky are.  Reading the Bible, I’m realizing how closely people lived with nature thousands of years ago.  For example, they had no electric lights to block the night sky, so they understood how the moon and stars marked the times and seasons as God had created […]