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Three Computer Games I Almost Always Allow

I’m over at the Curriculum Choice today writing about three computer games I almost always allow: I disapprove of screen time and, perhaps foolishly, long for the ‘good old days’ when we had no screens except the bug screens in our windows.  Of course, too much screen time is good for no one, but I’ve […]

Miss 12’s Spelling Solution

Some children can spell easily, but others struggle, and struggle, and struggle. Somehow, they just don’t see the individual letters in a word or hear the individual sounds. As we struggled for a solution, Miss 12 came up with a new way to study her problem words. This way she always has them with her […]

Choosing a New Spelling Curriculum

Choosing the right curriculum is important.  It sets the tone, the goals, and the daily activities of your homeschool.  If you chose something that does not suit your child, yourself, your family circumstances, or your beliefs, you are only causing yourself grief.  In fact, I firmly believe that the curriculum you choose can make or […]

Review: Alpha-Phonics by Blumenfeld

Although Alpha-Phonics has been around for years, I did not have access to it when my children were learning to read.  That is too bad.  It would have saved us quite some tears and frustration.  Alpha-Phonics is a clear, simple, and inexpensive systematic phonics program that can be used on its own or in conjunction […]

Review: SpellQuizzer

Some parts of homeschooling are repetitive, necessary, and, let’s face it, just plain draining.  Dictating spelling lists comes to mind. I don’t do much of that anymore, though.  Instead, our family uses SpellQuizzer, a simple, streamlined, and very effective computer spelling program. For several months, my younger girls (8 and 10) would sit down at […]