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It’s warmer at the weather station!

Here’s an interesting bit of research showing that global warming does exist, at least at US  weather stations.  Whether it exists elsewhere is still being debated. 


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Thanks to Kate at Small Dead Animals for bringing this to my attention.  (Note that much on her blog, including the name as well as the language of the comments, offends me.  Yet her award winning blog can be a source of valuable information not admitted by the mainstream media.)





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  1. proverbsmama says:

    Global warming is a hot topic with me. I get so tired of hearing about it on the mainstream media because their facts are so wrong! I get a lot of info from Answers In Genesis. I read a book one time that talked about that hole in the ozone. What the media won't tell us is that the hole also closes up for 6 months of the year.

    And to think of all the wasted tax-payer $ in this economy that is used on stupid stuff like global warming……..

    Ok, enough ranting. I'm off to get ready to do school.

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