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Rideau Trail Walk #4


Each week it takes a lot of juggling and effort to get out to the Rideau Trail and walk the next section, but it’s always so wonderful once we get there!

This week we walked about 5 km, mostly along a hardly used road allowance between fields.  There were deep ruts of slippery wet clay where tractors, trucks and ATV’s had tried to drive. Although only one of us actually fell, the rest of us came close.  Occasionally we had to detour around small ponds, and we were grateful for our good rubber boots.  The weather was balmy, but we did see fragile sheets of ice on the water.

Among other things, we saw an enormous puff ball, about 1 foot in diameter!

 We also crossed a single-person bridge.  The Little Misses ran across the bridge numerous times, jumping over the stream to make their way back.  

Things we learned:  take water, don’t walk into the sunshine, and don’t leave the GPS turned on.

Thanks to Mr. 15 of Teen Geek for the photos. 

Details: Our fourth Rideau Trail walk was from Huntley and Brownlee to Bleeks and Conley. This is on map #14 in the Rideau Trail Guidebook and is Trail Change #4 on the website.    The temperature was about 9C and it was very sunny.  So far we have walked approximately 16 km.


  1. Jenn 4 Him says:

    I know you don’t post this to shame others! But shame on me for neglecting my little crew in this way. I’ve been too wrapped up in checking off boxes lately. I will regret this when snow comes and I cannot get out if I wanted to! Bless you, Annie Kate. Keep writing. Keep encouraging us!

  2. kympossible says:

    I was with you until the bridge. I don’t think I could have crossed it – I hate bridges. LOL

  3. Lovely! Good quality time, too!

  4. Stacy's Page says:

    Beautiful pictures! And I don’t think I would have crossed that bridge! LOL! I would have been concerned that my weight might = more than “one person.” OOPS!

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