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Just One of Those Days

While listening to the Little Misses narrate about pterodactyls, I started dozing.  So I scooted them off to write about these amazing fliers in their science notebooks, while I enjoyed a quick cat nap.  When I woke up, I sleepily realized just how blessed we are to homeschool:

Miss 13 and Mr. 16 were at the computer, discussing book covers for Miss 13’s second NaNoWriMo novel.  Create Space gives all successful young NaNoWriMo authors a free hard copy of their book, and we’ve discovered that it takes a lot of effort to design a book.  It involves dozens of decisions, from whether or not to have an ISBN number, to page size, font choice, and whether or not to include a dedication.  And decisions can be difficult to make if you’re tired.

We’re all a bit tired today, because last night I let everyone stay up while we had an impromptu concert.  A talented friend played the organ, Miss 18 played flute, and some of us sang, as we worked our way through hymns, choir pieces, and selections from Handel’s Messiah and Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion.  What joy!

So this morning we didn’t start schoolwork until late…a few minutes before snack time, to be exact.  Since we tried to put in a normal morning’s work (math, French, music, history, church history, Bible, English, driving lessons, and more), we had lunch late.  Miss 8 was in charge of lunch preparation and made a delightful crisp, light cornbread, all by herself!

After lunch, I usually read aloud.  This afternoon I was so tired that the children had no problem convincing me to continue reading…until snack time.  By that time we’d read through almost a hundred pages of the trials of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.  As Miss 13 says, there’s a difference between a moral book and a moralizing book; however Little Women has enough humor that even Mr. 16 is not suffering.

After that, we started our sleepy science lesson.  As soon as possible after I fell asleep, the Little Misses finished their pterodactyl pages and escaped to the basement where they had blacked out all sources of light.  Now they’re playing policeman in the dark, with flashlights and dollar store revolvers.

The only one of us putting in a ‘normal’ day today is Miss 18, whose Mondays always involve many hours at a dairy farm.  But even for her, today is special since she’s driving her very own vehicle to work for the first time.

How blessed we all are to enjoy such a day!  Through our windows we see the school busses passing by, taking children off to drab, semi-effective, politically-correct learning in age-segregated groups.  We so enjoy our wonderful days of learning and living!

We thank the Lord for homeschooling. May it continue long, and be a blessing to our children, families, communities, and countries. Please pray for continued freedom for all parents, homeschooling or not, to educate their children as they see fit.


  1. Jenn4him says:

    Amen! I thank the Lord as well. We are blessed. Just a lovely ordinary day is so full of blessings.

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  3. Carmen says:

    It’s neat to see how your day went, and how learning takes place in a variety of ways. I love what Miss 13 said about moral books and moralizing books – so true and well said!

  4. JoAnn says:

    Nice to hear about your day. I agree, homeschooling is a privilege we need to all be thankful for and pray it continues. 🙂


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