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You Stole My Mommy!

I was doing French on the couch with Miss 14 when Miss 11 bounded down the stairs with her logic and grammar books, ready to work with me.  She took one look at us and said with a smile in her voice, “You stole my Mommy!”

We all laughed at the cheerful accusation.

And that’s how it goes in our home.  I’m in high demand during our morning couch time. Some subjects just lend themselves to together work, preferably on the couch with our feet on the coffee table.  Shhh!  These times are so enjoyable and productive!

Mr. 16 and I do French and Dutch together: grammar, vocabulary, textbook exercises, readings, some discussions, a French novel, and quite a few rabbit trails.  We also discuss his Omnibus course, a most worthwhile conversation starter.

Miss 14 and I study French together using a textbook.  For Dutch we’re team-reading a delightful story I was given when I was young, about a baker, a king, and all the dramatic trappings of medieval life.   

The Little Misses study French and Dutch while snuggling beside me on the couch.  Then Miss 11 gets to do logic and grammar orally, and later Miss 9 and I do science and geography together.

We could never do all our studying together, and it would not be good for the children to have me hovering over them for each subject, but these daily sessions (along with our read aloud times) are the highlight of our homeschooling day.

And today my heart was warmed by that laughing comment, “You stole my Mommy!”


  1. JoAnn says:

    That is so cute. 🙂

  2. Jenn4him says:

    Very sweet moments, indeed! I have launched one mostly independent learner, but still have two learners who need me. Won’t be forever, though.

  3. Laraba says:

    I LOVE that — so sweet! I confess to feeling pulled in about 6 directions some days because I am, but that’s Ok. I too relish my time with my children and thank God that I can meet their needs AND enjoy myself in the process by teaching them and learning new things with them.

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