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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you scrambling for some last minute gift ideas?  Same here.  I just need a few more things for Sinter Klaas.  We’re celebrating a bit later than expected this year, but even so I’m not ready.  So I’ve been thinking back to some of my old posts for ideas.

Educational Gifts with Frugal Options is full of great ideas for my children whose wish list included mostly food.  I suppose they have everything they need, and being TV-free and homeschooled, they haven’t picked up many artificial wants. Still, I find it amazing.

My little girls have already gotten The Perfect Gift for Little Girls.  They loved it, just like their older siblings and friends did.

Lots of free ebooks are available everywhere, and one of them, currently free from Amazon, is on Miss 15’s wish list…but I’m still not happy about letting a 15 year-old read Les Miserables.

We have a few Living History Books tucked away for Miss 12, and she will be thrilled with them.  Of course, everyone gets a book or two; that’s just the way we do things, and that’s the part I’ve got under control.

I thought of making a collage poster of rooster photos for Miss 10, but it’s beyond the budget.  Maybe I could just print a lot of rooster photos and paste them onto a poster board myself, or frame them.

Or maybe I’ll just do special food.  It’s on everyone’s list.  Debt-Proof Your Christmas and A Simpler Season both have all sorts of great recipes.   Of course, for the men in the family, there’s always meat, as I discovered last Father’s Day.  Sausages come to mind.  Teen boys like junk food, teen girls like chocolate, and everyone loves dried fruit and candy.

So now I’m off to make a shopping list and to head out.  Where to?  Who knows?  I have a few hours to decide yet.  But certainly the grocery store will certainly be one of the stops, for gifts as well as daily food.

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  1. JoAnn says:

    Those are great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them. I will definitely need these ideas I’m sure. 🙂

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