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A Free Gift and a Review: Molly’s Money-Saving Digest

Each New Year I make resolutions about upgrading and improving?eventually.  Molly, on the other hand, has already done so.  Her latest Money-Saving Digest: Molly Saves in the Office sports a new look and new features, while retaining the best of last year?s Digests.  Although Molly?s new look is very contemporary, her smiling face still beams at me from the cover. 

Inside this Digest, we are promised treats such as a whole year of organizing a new home with Eleanor Joyce, who?s recovering from the shock of actually selling her home when her family listed it ?just to see what happens.? 

The article about frugal pet care, by a vet, will help our family with our three dogs, two ducks, and dozen chickens. I?m excited that ?Pet Care for Pennies? will be a regular feature.

This month?s project in ?Something Old, Something New? is a simple note board, both prettier and less expensive than the traditional cork bulletin board.  Even though I?m not crafty, I think I can manage this one!  And my kids will love receiving these gifts.

What?s one of the biggest budget breakers?  Treating simple illnesses.  This month Molly?s new column, ?Here?s to Your Health,? discusses natural remedies for sinus infections.  If you follow her advice you will not only save a bundle on over-the-counter sinus remedies, but you will also avoid all their negative side effects.  That?s win-win if I ever heard of it!

Another new feature, ?Molly Recommends,? is a monthly review of a money-saving resource.  I?m looking forward to learning about a dozen new-to-me frugal resources this year.

If you?re the kind of person who likes to make small but important changes, try ?Change One Thing This Month.?  I think one of my New Year?s resolutions will be to thoughtfully consider each ?Change One Thing? suggestion as it comes out.  Even if I only implement half of them, I will be that much further ahead, and will have made thoughtful decisions about a dozen ?little things??and, after all, life is about the little things!

Molly has a New Year?s gift for you this month:   You get Molly Saves in the Office free, if you sign up for her free weekly newsletter.  I?ve been getting this newsletter for ages, and it?s always worthwhile. 

Disclosure I received a complimentary download of Molly?s January Money-Saving Digest in order to give you my honest opinion of it.

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  1. Molly Green says:

    Thanks so much for sharing and for the kind words!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      You’re welcome! I like sharing helpful resources with my readers…especially if they’re free. 🙂

      Annie Kate

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