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Review: Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews

Tell Your Time

When you take a powerhouse like Amy Lynn Andrews, an influential blogger and mom of four who absolutely despises writing, and ask her how she manages her busy life, this is what you get:  just under 30 information-packed pages that can revolutionize your life.  Tell Your Time can make 2011 your most purposeful, productive, and peaceful year yet if you are willing to work with it.  Amy encourages you as well as holds your hand through the process of understanding roles, goals, and activities.

Since November, Tell Your Time:  How to Manage Your Schedule so You Can Live Fulfilled has been on my computer, and Amy’s ideas have been peeking over my shoulders and into my to-do book.  Now I no longer feel behind!  What’s more, now there’s time to play the organ after supper most days, my desk is neater, and life seems under control.  This is what happened:

With Amy at my side, figuratively speaking, I thought about my roles and my goals.  I decided what activities will accomplish the goals and realized that there are only 24 hours in a day.  (That’s a major breakthrough for me!) I understood some of the hindrances to time management and made a workable routine that will help our family meet our goals.  It’s working for me!

Obviously, there are only a fixed number of ways to introduce time management, and Amy’s is reminiscent of Covey and others.  However, Tell Your Time is much more streamlined, practical, and mom-oriented than anything else out there.  This is something anyone can do.  It won’t take too much time, it’s not hard to understand, and it won’t clutter your mind with deep theories.

If you have the discipline to carry through, the money you spend on Tell Your Time could well be the best investment you’ll make in 2011.  To help you start the New Year with a clean slate, Amy even has a promo right now.

Disclosure:  I received this book from Amy Lynn Andrews in order to give you my honest opinion.  I receive no compensation for this review and my opinions are my own.

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