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Review: Motel of the Mysteries by David Macaulay

Everyone who studies ancient history relies on archeological finds. That makes sense, and it’s fascinating to see all the artifacts in books or, even better, in museums.  It’s also fascinating to learn about ancient people’s cultures, religion, and daily life from objects found in ruins.

But wait, do the objects really tell us the story…or are there interpreters who may argue among themselves and may even all be wrong? When I first read Motel of the Mysteries, I suddenly realized that even if all the history books agree, they could actually be completely off track.

Every few years our family needs a reminder of this fact, so we borrow this hilarious book by David Macaulay from the library again.

In 4022 AD, Howard Carson, an archeologist, fell down a shaft in the detritus that covered the ancient country of Usa.  This advanced civilization had been destroyed …. continue reading here.

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