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Strengthening the Family, One Free Gift at a Time

Two years ago, a local homeschooling family gave everyone attending our conference a gift of CD’s and DVD’s.  This year they did it again.

When a family is so convicted about their message that they put together 200 resource packages to hand out for free, no strings attached, at their local homeschooling conference, their message must be quite something.

And it is.

Here is what Paul, the dad, wrote in a note to conference attendees,

As you’re well aware, the biblical family is being attacked on every side.  Divorce is rampant, even amongst those who claim Christ, and the culture of this day is vying for the hearts and minds of our children.  As such, I believe it’s imperative that we endeavor to fill our minds, and those of our children, with faith affirming words, words which challenge us to raise the bar higher to consider God’s ways above our own.

This year Paul and his family shared the following resources:

As a home schooling mom whose goal is to encourage other homeschooling moms, I am pleased to share this list with you and to support this family in their mssion.

So far I’ve only watched It Is Your Life, and the Little Misses and I both enjoyed it.  This DVD portrays a very happy family that loves the Lord.  While their lifestyle isn’t something every Christian family would or should choose, the DVD is inspiring and I think of it often.

For more information, see Building A Family that Will Stand  the blog of the family that donated these gifts.

Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with the ministries that produced these resources, nor is this family.

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