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Homeschool Science Curriculum

Every month the Curriculum Choice hosts a review team feature on a specific topic.  It is always full of resource reviews, tips from experienced homeschoolers, links, and sometimes even product discounts, and often I contribute.  This month the topic is Homeschool Science Curriculum, and here is my contribution:

As a scientist, I love Apologia’s courses for high school.  In fact, I once wrote:  “Because of the Apologia science texts, homeschooled high school students have access to better quality science education than most students in public or private schools, even if their parents do not know science.”  I have written about these textbooks extensively, reviewing them and  discussing how to make them fit your teen’s needs.  For a summary of my articles about Apologia high school science, see a previous Curriculum Choice Author Feature.

Another important approach to homeschool science is to round out any textbook learning with science reading.  A good biography, a clear discussion of a topic, a historical introduction to a field of learning—these can inspire a student and make the textbook learning much more relevant.  I discussed our family’s science and math reading  and have reviewed some math and science books, although most of the books our children have read on the topic are not listed.

Finally, any discussion of science among homeschoolers will eventually lead to the question of origins.  These questions are addressed extensively by several organizations, and I have recently reviewed books representative of the two main Christian views:  God in the Lab by Ruth Bancewicz and Busting Myths by Sarfati.  Also very valuable is Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, which looks at a historical perspective of origins, among other things.

For suggestions and reviews from the other Curriculum Choice authors, please see ‘Homeschool Science Curriculum’ at the Curriculum Choice.  This lengthy article includes a discount and give away as well as resource links such as this gem from Tricia:

‘Lately, my youngest scientist has been going through all of the Smarter Every Day and Brave Wilderness YouTube videos.’

For more, see my science articles, nature articles, and science and math reading reviews.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I have just spent perhaps more time than I should have watching the helicopter aerodynamics videos on “smarter everyday.” I even bought a “goggle up” t-shirt!! No kidding.

    So cool.
    Great resource!! Thanks

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