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Time Sensitive: Being a Woman of the Word by Nancy Campbell

I just listened to “Being a Woman of the Word” by Nancy Campbell.  It is probably the most important talk I have heard in years, and I encourage you to drop everything to listen to it!

Yes, now, or tomorrow.  Just take one hour to be inspired, encouraged, and equipped to be a woman of the Word.  You will be so grateful that you did!

You will be able to listen to the talk until early Monday morning, as far as I can tell from an email I got, but the countdown on the link says it’s sooner than that, so do listen sooner rather than later.

I cannot recommend this talk highly enough for any Christian mother.  We all need to be women of the Word, and Nancy Campbell is brimming with passion, ideas, and encouragement.

Please forward this to your friends so that they, too, can benefit.

Note:  If you missed the deadline for Nancy Campbell’s talk, you can get about ten percent of the value of the talk from an old blog post I wrote sharing Six Tips for Bible Reading.  

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Disclosure: I am aware that this sounds very excited, like some sales letters do, but it is just because I am so eager to share this talk with you.  I am in no way compensated for recommending this and have no affiliation with the Homeschool Summit this talk is part of.


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