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Links for You #1

I come across many useful or interesting links and thought of sharing some of the best with you each month.  Here are few about faith, learning, living, food, and nature.  Hopefully you will find something beneficial here!

  1. Crossway books has a list of articles, videos, and a free book download to commemorate J.I. Packer who passed away last month.
  2. This summer a group of us has been studying Improvement of the Mind by the great hymn writer Dr. Isaac Watts. We have found it challenging and full of wisdom both for ourselves and our homeschooled children.  This old book is available free online in various versions, and here’s a summary.
  3. Super-blogger and author Ruth Soukup shares how she is learning contentment. Last summer some of us studied a book by Nancy Wilson on that topic and we had a great time discussing and debating various points.   Writing about that book study is on my ever-lengthening to do list.
  4. We, like most people, love pizza but good gluten-free sourdough crust recipes are rare. We have been experimenting with making this one gluten-free.  It also shows promise as a flat garlic bread.  What’s especially nice about this recipe for non-gluten-free people is that you can just use up your extra wheat-based sourdough.  We haven’t tried it that way with our rice-based sourdough but have been adding our usual mix of gf flours and souring that. Once we have finished experimenting, I may post a recipe.
  5. North American sparrows are learning a new song from each other and seem to prefer it to their old one!

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