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A Holiday, Blog Carnivals, and Memes


Yesterday it rained.  We could not do our usual morning gardening, and at breakfast we discussed some sensible plans for doing useful things.  Then … we went ahead and did almost none of them.  Instead, all day long we just did what we wanted to, except for Miss 16 yo who went to her babysitting job.


The children played and read, and drew and read, and biked and read, and played.  Three of them visited a magic show at the library.  They also baked cookies and muffins, played computer chess, and straightened out their rooms.  They researched computer and camera components and planned a huge summer festival.  Yes, there was a bit of music practice, a bit of French and Dutch studying, and a bit of barn-cleaning, but on the whole, they relaxed.  (Days like these always tempt me to unschool, but that’s an entirely different topic.)


And I, what did I do?  Well, I spent almost the entire day at the computer!  Since I always feel rushed when I use the computer, it was a lovely holiday for me.


I finally had time to look up blog carnivals, which are like moderated meetings on a certain topic, and can be very informative.  I even had time to go through the entire list at Blog Carnival.   Although this took several hours due to our slower internet connection, it was worth it.  Now I have a list of all the blog carnivals that interest me, including several on homeschooling. 


And then there are memes.  I found no satisfying definition resembling the internet memes I’ve seen, although the web is full of the idea of memes as coined by Richard Dawkins to discuss the evolutionary principles and natural selection … of ideas!!  I believe absolute truth exists, and this concept leaves me shaking my head and chuckling, but also sad.


As far as I can determine, however, the internet memes that show up on my (small) circuit of blogs are regular gatherings on specific topics.  Unlike blog carnivals they are not moderated, but each participant links his or her relevant post on the host site and often leaves a comment as well.  This is a wonderful way to learn from others and to share information.


I have participated in Canada Girl’s  Tightwad Tuesday meme, and there are many more.  One meme I plan to follow is Thirsty Thursday: Satisfying Our Kids’ Thirst for Knowledge One Sip at a Time.   A huge one you’ll like to visit is this week’s Works For Me Wednesday, which has links for 265 (yes, 265) favourite summer recipes.  


Enjoy!  And see you tomorrow for another high school Tea Time with Annie Kate.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah, so now I know how you came to visit : )

    We are enjoying our mostly non-scheduled summer and am glad to read you are enjoying yours as well. Morning chores are the same but pushed back 1/2 hr. I have my own projects, including re-organizing the office, making a real laundry room (rather than laundry mess) and painting a piece of furniture and the trim on the house. We are also doing some homeschool group-things, which I have never done before. We've also proclaimed it the "summer of kindness" and are on the look-out for ways to do kind things for each other, speak only in kindness, and help others.

    Have a richly blessed summer!



  2. 2boysmom says:

    That would be great to stay on the computer all day and not feel guilty. I might try that one day when the kids are gone or occupied. I've often thought it would be great to have a job where you were paid to blog!

    Hope you have an awesome day!


  3. LarabaK says:

    I also love "lazy" summer days. As you've said more than once, there are days when it is good to relax!

    I also try to keep myself from spending too much on the computer, but occasionally allow myself more time to catch up on blogs. It is overwhelming how much GOOD stuff is out there! And bad stuff too, of course.

    French and Dutch, hmmm? That is great! Our kids have done a little Spanish but not much. I would love our kids to know another language well, but so far we've not made much progress. Perhaps as they get older, I'll have more energy and time to make it happen.

  4. AnnieKate says:

    Richele, it sounds like you're having a lovely summer. The idea of a 'summer of kindness' is so cool!

    Debbie, instead of a vacation, or a staycation, have a “computer-cation” where you do treat yourself to one computer day this summer. If you love blogging so much, I think it would be a wonderful way for you to relax. Who knows, eventually you may become one of those people who are paid to blog, but I think then you’d be glad to get away from the computer. 🙂

    Laraba, I’ll be posting on our language learning journey sometime. Perhaps that will give you a few hints to starting to make it work for your children.

    Blessings to all of you, and thank you for your comments.

    Annie Kate

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