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This Week’s Plans


We have a busy (for us) week planned.  With a lot of outings and a lot of projects, it should be an exciting time.



  • Summer library program wind-up for the 3 Little Misses.  This is our first year doing it, and the girls have enjoyed it.
  • Littlest Miss is going to spend the afternoon with 16yo Miss at her babysitting job!


  • Orthodontist.
  • Bring boxes of things we don’t need to Salvation Army.
  • Shop for groceries, including gluten-free food.
  • Buy school supplies, fabric and notions for more Edwardian apronsand socks for our church’s homeless outreach this Sunday.


  • Bring Miss 16 Year Old to a dairy farm for a day’s tractor work.  (Maybe.)


  • Bring our 2 volunteers to therapeutic riding for the morning.
  • Drop off a box of books at a homeschool consignment shop.


  • Catch up and clean up, or maybe a beach morning.


Other goals include:

¨     *Spending some time on Aleks (each of us).

¨     *Doing school work review and catch-up work (some of us).

¨     *Finding 2 good, quick, healthy, gluten-free recipes for breakfast and lunch, hopefully from  Sue Gregg Cookbooks   (review planned for September).

¨     *Planning the homeschool year.

¨     Ordering the necessary books.

¨     *Continuing our study of HTML (all of us except Littlest Miss), using Web Design for Kids (…and Curious Grown-Ups).

¨     Reviewing the above program.

¨     *Keeping up with the garden (beans, raspberries, drying herbs, eating cabbage and greens, weeding).

¨     Finding more things to bring to the Salvation Army and the homeschool consignment shop.

¨     *Spending lots of time outside, eating, swimming, and relaxing.

¨     Roasting marshmallows.

¨     *Planting the oak sapling we got from a friend.

¨     *Cleaning out the chickens’ yard.

¨     Finishing our current read-aloud book, The Trapp Family Singers.

¨      Neatening our flower gardens.



The ones with an asterisk are our highest priorities.


All of these plans, of course, depend on what God sends us each day.  It’s so good to know that He, our powerful and loving Father, is in control of our lives.  Wishing you a happy and blessed week! 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That does look like a very busy week. Actually it looks alot like mine. Ha! Ha! I enjoy reading your blog. You can visit me at http://www.cabininthewoods-diane.blogspot.com.



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