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As Christian mothers of homeschooled children, we are busy and life is good.  Yes, we face gruelling days, difficult times, health concerns, various worries, and financial difficulties, but on the whole life is very good, and our future with God is solid.  Our future on earth is, Lord willing, also fairly predictable:  the children will grow up, we’ll become grandmothers, and we’ll be able to slow down as old age approaches.


Now think of the many grandmothers in Africa who, rather than being cared for by their children as used to be the norm, have housefuls of grandchildren to feed, clothe, and raise.  The generation in between has died of AIDS, and these ladies must work harder than ever, with minimal income, to care for their children’s children.  Often, they live without the hope and comfort of the gospel.


May God give them courage and strength and someone to tell them the Good News.  May He give us thankfulness for our good circumstances and compassion for those who suffer. 


God bless us all this Canadian Thanksgiving Day.


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  1. franbles99 says:

    God bless your Thanksgiving!

    I'm going to show my ignorance here and admit to not knowing that Canada really celebrated Thanksgiving – much less that you celebrate on a different day to the US. Well, I am learning a lot on this home ed journey, even if the kids aren't!


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